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About Finsulate antifouling

Conventional antifouling paints, without exception, try to prevent the on-growth of mussels, algae and other organisms through toxic substances they contain. Aside from chemical aspects and their environmental implications, such methods are not even efficient: The paints usually do not last long. And their antifouling effect is weakened whenever the ship lies still. While waters get intentionally polluted by the toxic substances leaking into it.

Finsulate® has proven that efficient antifouling can be done
much easier and cleaner!


Antifouling for any type of boat




A clean ship without antifouling is exposed to on-growth of biological organisms. Within a short time, the hull can become covered by mussels, algae and other types of organisms. That’s why ships use a so called antifouling paint containing toxic substances that kill marine life. Because of the strong environmental pollution resulting from that method, however, legislation gets increasingly restrictive.


In creative nature, spines are often used as defense mechanism. One good example are sea urchins which stay free from on-growth of organisms and don’t get eaten by other animals. Finsulate® is a very special film, developed to protect the hull of a ship. And it was developed by that very same sea urchin principle: Tiny spines on its surface prevent the attachment of algae, mussels or other organisms. The hull therewith becomes “insulated”. The only chance for organisms to attach is on the outer end of those tiny spines. But from there they can easily be brushed off. And the ship can stay in the water while the removal happens.


Thanks to its physical properties, Finsulate® provides efficient antifouling for a long time. This protection also works no matter if the ship is moving or lying still. And its durability of at least 5 years means that you’ll definitely save on the yearly maintenance costs. All that while actively protecting the environment!


Getting Finsulate Antifouling for your ship


Finsulate is a product which is delivered including its application. This is why the ordering process is a bit different compared to toxic antifouling paints.

First, you contact us – either directly or through one of our sales partners. We’ll then ask you a few questions about your ship: Which type, what sailing properties and the dimensions. That information allows us to selecte the right finsulate grade and estimate the costs and to plan the works.


With Finsulate you’ll have an antifouling solution for at least 5 years. To ensure that your sailing pleasure really will last that long, we require some special preparations for the application surface: If the hull surface contains antifouling paint, that paint first has to be removed. After that, one layer of Epoxy primer must be applied. Once this is done, our team can start with the Finsulate application.

New boats or yachts usually require just minimal preparation works for the Finsulate application. We’ll be glad to advise you on these.


Finsulate is applied by experienced professionals. This could be a Finsulate team or one of our contract partners. A growing number of shipyard and ship maintenance companies are trained by us and offers that service. During the order process we’ll discuss your options.


Once the Finsulate application is done, you can put your ship back into the water right away. But you could also choose to leave it on land for some time since Finsulate won’t be affected by dry storage. Which means that not only can you leave your ship in the water for at least 5 years. You can also bring it to a winter storage each year during that time.

Sailing yachts as well as motor yachts can be provided with Finsulate antifouling. Meanwhile, all over the globe yachts have our Finsulate applied on their hull. After 5 years they still are happy with the performance.

Finsulate also is very suitable for static objects such as offshore wind turbine foundations or floating solar panels. Finsulate EL specifically is the only product that will last for 20 years.

Industrial shipping companies choose Finsulate with growing frequency: Finsulate has proven to save substantial amounts of fuel there, even after 5 years. Cargo ships and the offshore industry use Finsulate already and the ferry industry has started test runs.


Inspiration for Finsulate

Curious about Finsulate?

Nature is a source of technological developments in many cases. For Finsulate, the spines of the Sea Urchin were the inspiration. Rik Breur was elected European Inventor of the Year 2019 with this concept.

Antifouling advantages


Due to the physical functionality of the Finsulate structure, no toxic materials are needed to prevent the on-growth of organisms. A great side-effect of this is the longer lifespan: Finsulate does not lead to a washing out of substances.


With Finsulate antifouling, taking your yacht out of the water for cleaning won't be necessary any more. Cleaning the hull can be done quickly and easily while the yacht stays in the water. And no toxic paintings will have to be brushed into the water...


Meanwhile there are yachts provided with Finsulate cruising since more than 5 years. In other words: The warranty period of minimum 5 years in reality has already been exceeded.