About Finsulate Antifouling

Finsulate is an innovative Dutch invention and since 2014 has been applied to yachts and vessels on every continent. Ranging from small sloops and day sailors up to offshore support vessels and dry weight bulkers. The Finsulate concept works in any environment and is up to any challenge!

Finsulate UK now brings this fantastic product to U.K. sailors, providing distribution and installation so we all have the opportunity to get our hulls wrapped with this new generation of clean, long lasting antifoul.

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The Finsulate Concept

Without antifouling, any surface in water, like ship hulls and offshore constructions, will foul with algae, mussels and barnacles.

Traditional antifouling paints are highly toxic and very harmful to the environment. Finsulate offers an environmental friendly solution to the fouling challenge.

Inspiration for Finsulate

Nature is a source of technological developments in many cases. For Finsulate, the spines of the Sea Urchin were the inspiration. Rik Breur was elected European Inventor of the Year 2019 with this concept.

Finsulate UK Case Studies

Cheetah Catamaran and Pilot 16

Boat(s): Cheetah Catamaran and Pilot 16
Product: Speedgrade & Seagrade
Location: Falmouth
Date: December 2021
Project: Working with Falmouth Harbour and Rustler Yachts, we wrapped two of their working boats. Part of the incredible work Falmouth Harbour do to promote sustainable sailing practices, they wanted to lead by example and ensure everyone in the Cornwall area knew about Finsulate and an alternative clean approach to address antifouling. Updates to follow in our ‘news’.

Colvic UFO 31

Boat: Colvic UFO 31
Product: Seagrade
Location: Hamble
Date: January 2022
Project: In conjunction with Clean Sailors, Finsulate UK ran a competition which saw Lani winning a Finsulate wrap. Keen new sailors Debs and Colin will be enjoying low maintenance and stress-free antifouling for years to come. We will be sharing plenty of pictures of Lani as we work alongside Clean Sailors and Boatfolk to showcase the efficacy of Finsulate sailing the UK waterways.

Fjord MS 33

Boat: Fjord MS 33
Product: Seagrade
Location: Poole
Date: November 2021
Project: One of the first UK boats to enjoy the Finsulate wrap! Based out of Cobbs Quay Marina in Poole, she looks resplendent with her black Finsulate Seagrade hull which will offer protection for 5 to 10 years.

Curious to learn about the options for your yacht?

Finsulate reviews and experiences

Finsulate lifespan

What is the realistic lifetime of Finsulate? We warrant 5 years, yet in practice we already show longer lifespans are possible. One of the first boats (pictured) that we applied Finsulate to, is sailing in the Zaanstreek (NL), and Robbert has now enjoyed Finsulate for 7+ years (since 2014).

When it comes to renewing Finsulate, it is simply removed with a steam cleaner or with hot air. Once the old film is removed, Finsulate can immediately be renewed.

Cleaning Finsulate

The Finsulate surface consists of very fine fibers. The fibers are so close together that organisms cannot get in between. As nature is strong, fouling can occur eventually on top of the fibers. This fouling is easily cleaned off.
This Dehler sailboat is high pressure washed before winter storage.

Finsulate experience with “drying out”

The Finsulate film is stronger than you might think. Lifting and resting on stands are no problem. If any damage does occur, you can easily repair by yourself with a simple patch (a maintenance kit is provided to you after initial installation).

Finsulate is fine with drying out, though the usual care is needed, such as avoiding sharp objects which may cause damage to the film. Ineke Dicker dries out regularly in the Wadden Sea and testifies to her positive experiences with Finsulate.

User Experiences

Finsulate Do-It-Yourself installation?

Finsulate is only applied by certified installers. It does not seem difficult, yet it requires practical experience and skills. The certified installation also enables us to warrant Finsulate for 5 years.

Application of Finsulate

The adventurers of Seawind Adventure are committed to their environment and chose an environmental friendly alternative for the traditional toxic antifouling paint. This vide shows a time lapse of the installation.

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Finsulate in the news

The Hiswa Product of the Year election in 2018 and the European Inventor of the Year election in 2019 have been triggers for international media and TV.

Also, since Finsulate UK have brought Finsulate products to UK market, there has been increasing attention to the innovation of Finsulate.

Finsulate at Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel is looking for special companies and inventions in the series “how do they do it?” In February 2021, presenter Tim Senders came to visit to learn more about this sustainable alternative to antifouling paints. On the former barge ‘De Pelikaan in Amsterdam’, the presenter immediately lent a hand with the application of Finsulate on a small sloop and asked us the question: how do they do it?

Cleaner marina

Finsulate are part of the Cleaner Marina movement which seeks to inspire better, cleaner practices across marinas, ports and harbours, globally, encouraging and creating a community of future-defining actors, committed to safeguarding the health of our waters.

Motorboat Yaughting

Even before Finsulate UK was established to make sure that all UK sailors could enjoy the benefits of Finsulate, the industry was keen to see this solution product. As discussed here in Motorboat & Yachting when asking “Could this prickly antifouling revolutionise boat maintenance”